• Staff & Faculty
  • Medicinal Chemistry 


    Area of research

    Professor Wenfang Xu

    Rational drug design, synthesis and biological

    activities targeted on enzymes

    Professor Xinyong Liu

    Design and synthesis of a variety of molecules that interact

    with specific enzymes and receptors; Synthesis of natural products active in cardio/vascular evaluation

    Professor Shutao Ma

    Design, Synthesis and Mechanisms of Small Molecules

    against Resistant Bacteria;R&D of new drugs

    Professor Guisen Zhao

    Rational design, synthesis and discovery of anticancer agents;

    Antiviral and anti-aids drugs.

    Professor Hao Fang

    Bioorganic chemistry/molecular recognition

    and Medicinal Chemistry

    Professor Minyong Li

    Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biolog

    Professor Zhaopeng Liu

    (1) Design and Synthesis of NovelTargeted Antitumor

    and Antiviral Agents

    (2) Bioactive Natural Products Based Drug Discovery

    Associate Prof Jingde Wu

    Rational drug design, synthesis and biological activity research

    Associate Prof Xun Li

    Anti-cancer drugs, multi-drug resistance reversal agents,

    drugs research


    Associate Prof Lvpei Du

    Drug molecules and fluorescent probe molecule

    activity analysis, design and research

    Associate Prof Peng zhan

    Natural Product Medicinal Chemsitry 


    Area of research

    Professor Hongxiang Lou

    Bioactive Chemicals from Natural Products;

    R&D of Cardiovascular Drugs

    ProfessorYuemao Shen

    Chemical biology of natural products including biosynthesis,

    and mechanism of antitumor and antimicrobe.

    Professor Dongmei Ren

    Natural product separation and mechanism research; development and technology research of new drug of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Associate Prof Longru Sun

    Traditional Chinese medicine and natural drug active ingredient research;Effective natural compound structure modification and synthesis

    Associate Prof Xiaoning Wang

    Discovery of antitumor active ingredient and its mechanism of action research; the active ingredient research of endophytic fungi of moss and lichen

    Associate Prof Aixia Cheng

    Method research of Chromatographic analysis in drug and natural product

    Associate Prof Chunhua Lu

    Bioactive chemicals from microorganisms

    Biological mechanisms of natural compound


    Associate Prof Peihong Fan

    Active natural products, chemical and biological function, mechanism of Chinese herbal medicine active material


    Biochemical and Biotechnological Drug 


      Area of research

      Professor Fengshan Wang

      Biochemical and biotechnological drugs

      Professor Aiguo Ji

      Drug biological synthesis and biological transformation

      Professor Huifei Cui

      The polysaccharide biochemical drugs

      Stem cells and tissue engineering

      Professor Chunhui Liu

      Polysaccharide & oligosaccharide drugs; Glycoanalysis; Chemical and biotechnological modification of proteins and enzymes

      Professor Juzheng Sheng

      Synthesis and medical applications of oligosaccharides, drug discovery, synthesis and modification by genetic engineering



      Area of research

      Professor Na Zhang

      Target drug delivery system

      Drug Transport, Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

      Professor Guangxi Zhai

      Drug Delivery System

      Professor Wei Shao

      New techniques and new dosage forms of drugs;Molecular-ordered organized assemblies

      Associate Prof Lingbing Li

      Application of micelles and nanoparticles in the delivery of drugs; pharmacokinetics model for targeted drug delivery systems

      Associate Prof Yuxia Luan

      Physical chemistry



      Area of research

      Professor Qingzhu Zhang


      Professor Xiuli Guo

      Cardiovascular pharmacology; the tumor pharmacology; active compounds screening and pharmacodynamic evaluation

      Professor Bo Jiao

      Cell pathology of renal mesangial cells and podocytes

      Professor Xiuzhen Han

      Antioxidant and myocardial protection research; active compounds screening and pharmacodynamic evaluation

      Pharmaceutical Analysis


      Area of research

      ProfessorWeihong Wang

      Pharmaceutical analysis and drug quality

      Professor Lei Wang

      novel fluorescence nanoprobe and its application in pharmaceutical analysis; fluorescence micro-imaging technology

      Assoicate Prof Lei Nie

      Pharmaceutical Analysis, Chromatographic Science and Chemometrics

      Associate Prof Aidong Lang

      Method research of Chromatographic analysis in drug and natural product

      Associate Prof. Haina Wang

      Drug metabolizing enzymes and nuclei receptors;

      Analysis of chiral drugs and quality control of drugs;




      Area of research

      Professor Lan Xiang

      Active ingredients of Traditional Chinese medicine, and quality control research

      Professor Xuesen Wen

      Medicinal plant germplasm resources, Chinese herbal medicine processing mechanism and modern Chinese medicine R&D


    • Immunopharmacology


      Area of research

      Professor Jian Zhang

      Cancer immunotherapy; Innate immunity for anti-HBV infection;

      Anti-HBV/anti-tumor vaccine

      Professor Cai Zhang

      Innate immune recognition and Immunopharmacology

      Pharmaceutical Engineering


      Area of research

      Professor Hengchang Zang

      Near infrared spectrum (NIRS) analysis technology in drug development

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