• Graduate Studies
  •  Graduate Programs                                                  

        The Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are offered in Pharmaceutical Science in the following core areas:
      •Medicinal Chemistry
      •Natural Product Medicinal Chemistry
      •Biochemical and Biotechnological Drug
      •Pharmaceutical Analysis
      •Pharmaceutical Engineering
      •Clinical Pharmacy
        Research Direction  
          Medicinal Chemistry:
      1, rational drug design, synthesis and activity of study based on the biological targets
      2, antitumor, antivirus, anti-infection, cardiovascular drug design, synthesis and activity study
      3, chemical biology
      1, new drug delivery systems research.
      2, targeted drug delivery system and biopharmaceutical research
      3, physical agents
      1, modern Chinese medicine research and development
      2, the Chinese medicine active ingredients, and quality control research
      Pharmaceutical Analysis:
      1, the monitoring methods in vivo drug metabolism studies
      2, the quality of traditional Chinese medicine and its preparations
      3, spectral analysis and chromatographic analysis
      4, analysis of biological technology and biological agents
      Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy:
      1, biochemical and biotechnological drugs.
      2, polysaccharide drug research.
      3, microbial medicine, biosynthesis and biotransformation.
      1, tumor pharmacology
      2, drug targets and active screening
      3, cardiovascular pharmacology
      4, neuropharmacology
      Natural medicine Chemistry:
      1, active natural product research
      2, active natural products chemical synthesis, structural modification, activity evaluation and mechanism research;
      3, natural product biosynthesis and biotransformation research;
      4, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial microbial medicine research;
      5, the synthetic methodology research of natural active products
      Pharmaceutical Engineering:
      Pharmaceutical process optimization and on-line control
      Clinical Pharmacy:
      Drug clinical reasonable application research
      1, the immune function gene and its function
      2, the immunotherapy
      3, immunopharmacology
        Period of Schooling  
         The period of schooling for full-time graduate students is 3 years, while the excellent students can graduate 6 months earlier.
      The total credits should be more than 30 credits, among which the compulsory courses should be no less than 20 credits(including 2 credits of practice training).
      (1)  Compulsory Courses
      Marxist theory               3 credits
      Foreign language (English)    3 credits.
      Professional foreign language  2 credits.
      Literature reading            2 credits
      Cutting-edge lecture          2 credits
      (2)  Elective Courses
      The elective courses should be more than 10 credits.
      (3)  Social Practice
      The graduate students should participate in social practice. Those who meet the requirements get 2 credits.
      The graduate students of clinical pharmacy are required to complete clinical practice. Those who meet the requirements get 4 credits.
      Master graduate student are required to publish at least l papers in key academic journals related to the major. The graduate student is the first author (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shandong University as First author affiliation), the supervisor is corresponding author.


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