• Research
  •  Key Disciplines    
     National Key Discipline:
    Medicinal Chemistry
    Provincial Key Discipline:
    (1) Medicinal Chemistry
     (2) Microbiological and Biochemical Pharmacy
    (3) Pharmaceutics
    (4) Pharmacology
     Research Fields  
     Natural Medicinal Chemistry                                                        
    1.      Research of active natural products and development of innovative drugs.
    2.      Modification and synthesis of active natural products.
    3.      Biotransformation and secondary metabolites.
    4.      Antidiabetic microbial medicines.
    5.      Anticancer microbial medicines.
    6.      Antibacterium microbial medicines.
    Institute of Medicinal Chemistry
    Drug discovery and development, including structure-based drug design, synthesis and biological evaluation.
    Biochemical and Biotechnological Drugs
    This area has three main research directions: biochemical and biotechnological drugs, microbial drugs and biosynthesis and biotransformation, and has established featured research fields including: biological polysaccharide, oligosaccharide and its derivatives preparation, biological activity and drug development; bioactive peptides cloning and expression, structural modification of biological macromolecules and relationship between structure and function, microorganisms for biosynthesis and biotransformation, related drugs industrialization and engineering new drugs development, etc.
    Pharmaceutical Analysis
    The research fields include development of new methods and technologies for pharmaceutical analysis, single-cell analysis and single molecule detection, Chinese traditional medicine quality assessment, drug metabolism, etc.
    1. Quality control and bioactive constituents of crude drugs
    2. New drug development from natural materials
    1.      The delivery systems of targeting, sustained and controlled release.
    2.      Transdermal and mucosal drug delivery systems.
    3.      The pharmacokinetics of new pharmaceuticals.
    4.      Preparation and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.
    5.      Biomedical materials and the delivery systems of biopharmaceuticals.
    6.      Physicochemical property and application of colloid solutions
    Pharmacology and Immunopharmacology
    1. Immunotherapy: Gene therapy for tumor by oligonucleotides targeting transcription factor; adoptive cellular immunotherapy based on gene-modified NK cells.
    2. Immunopharmacology: The recognition and action of innate immune system in inflammation and tumor; the screening of immunomodulators and their mechanisms.
    3. Discovery of novel immuno-genes and their biological functions: Utilizing established technical platform to find novel functional genes involved in innate immune response, obtaining functional proteins and antibodies.


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