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  • Huifei Cui

  • Huifei Cui
    Institute of Biochemical and Biotech Drug
    School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Shandong University

    Contact Info
    Dr. Huifei Cui
    Institute of Biochemical and Bitech drug
    School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Shandong Univeristiy
    Jinan, Shandong province, 250012
    Department Office Phone: 0531-88380288
    Campus Address:
    44 Wenhua Xi Road
    Jinan Shandong province
    Zip code:250012

    B.S(1990): Shandong Medical University
    M.S(1993): Shandong Medical University, China
    Ph.D (2003) : Shandong University, China

    Huifei Cui obtained her B.S. Degree in pharmacy from Shandong Medical University, China in 1990, her M.S. Degree in biochemical pharmacy from Shandong Medical University, China in 1993, and her Ph.D. Degree in developmental biology from Shandong University in 2003. She once conducted postdoctoral research in the Departments of Biochemistry and Chemistry at Ohio State University in 2007. From 1993 to 2000, she was a faculty at Shandong Medical University. From 2000, she was a faculty at Shandong University after Shandong Medical University merged until now. In 2010, she became Professor in the Institute of biochemical and biotech drug at School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shandong University.

    Research Interests
    1. Carbohydrate-based Drug R & D
    2. Stem cell and tissue engineering

    Research Projects
    1. Equivalence study on generic enoxaparin sodium.
    Supported by enterprise , 800 thansand RMB , 2012.12- 2013.12.
    2. Quality standards study and establishment of five LMWH.
    National Major new drug creation. 1720 thansand RMB, 2010.1-2012.73.
    3. Tissue peripheral nerve construction and its evaluation.
    Major creation projects of Shandong University. 400 thansand RMB, 2010.1-2011.12
    4. Reference standard of OSCS preparation. Supported by China FDA. 50 thansand RMB, 2008.05-2010.12
    5. Process improvement of PSS preparation. supported by enterprise. 50 thansand RMB, 2008.05-2010.12
    6. Oral capsule of Low molecular weight heparin supported by enterprise. 3500 thansand RMB, 2003.05-2006.12
    Memberships and volunteer work
    Member of national biochemical and bitech drug committee

    Selected Publications
    Zhang Z, Cui H. Biodegradability and biocompatibility study of poly(chitosan-g-lactic acid) scaffolds. Molecules. 2012 ,14;17(3):3243-358.

    Zheng L, Cui HF. Enhancement of nerve regeneration along a chitosan conduit combined with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. J Mater Sci: Mater Med 2012; 23:2291–2302.

    Luo JY, Zhong Y, Cao JC, Cui HF. Efficacy of oral colon-specific delivery capsule of low-molecular-weight heparin on ulcerative colitis. Biomed Pharmacother. 2011 ;65(2):111-117.

    Luo J, Cao J, Jiang X, Cui H. Effect of LMWH rectal suppository on experimental ulcerative colitis in mice. Biomed Pharmacother. 2010.09;64(7):441-445

    Li Y, Luo JY, Cui HF , Zheng L, Du SS. Study on anti-metastasis of heparin derivatives as ligand antagonist of p-selectin. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 2010.12. 64(10):654-658

    Zheng L, Cui HF. Use of chitosan conduit combined with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells for promoting peripheral nerve regeneration. Materials in medicine 2010.21(5):1713-1720

    Sang Q, Cui HF, Ji SL. Research progress in heparin anticoagulants optimizing. Chinese Journal of Biochemical Pharmaceutics .2012, .33(02) 96-99

    Lin ang, Wang K, Mang MY, Li H, Lv ZC, Luo JY, Cui HF. Preparation and quality control of oral colon-targeting  capsules of low molecular weight heparin. Chinese J of new Drugs. 2012,21(3):315-317.

    Wang K, Lin ang, Mang MY, Li H, Lv ZC, Luo JY, Cui HF. Therapeutic Effect of Compound Heparin Oral Colon Targeting Capsules on Ulcerative Colitis in Rats. Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal. 2011, 46(22) :1723-1726

    Du SS, Sang Q, Zhao N, Cui HF. Study on the preparation of relative molecular mass calibrator for low molecular mass heparin. Chinese Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis, 2012,32(11): 1976-1980.

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