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  • Dongmei Ren
  • Dongmei Ren, Ph.D, Professor




    School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Shandong University
    No.44, Wenhuaxi Road, Jinan, 250012
    Tel: 0086-531-88382012



    1988--1992: Shandong Medical University , Bachelor

    1992--1995: Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine University , Master

    2003--2007: Shandong University, Ph. D


    Shandong University, Professor

    2015-2016: Center for Drug Evaluation, China Food and Drug Administration

    2009-2010: University of Arizona, Research associate

    2004-2010: Shandong University, Associate professor

    2005: Center for Drug Evaluation, China Food and Drug Administration

    1997-2004: Shandong University, Lecturer

    1995-1997: Shandong Medical University, Teaching assistant

    1. Isolation and identification of bioactive natural compounds targeting Nrf2-Keap1 pathway

    2. Bioactivity evaluation of Nrf2 activators for cancer chemoprevention

    3. Develpoment of novel traditional chinese medicine originated from herbs 



    1. Investigation of quassinoids targeting Nrf2 from Brucea javanica, National Natural Science Foundation, No81173528,580000, PI.

    2. Flavonoidal alkaloids from Dracocephalum rupestre, National Natural Science Foundation, No. 30672611, 280000, PI.

    3. Nrf2 activators from Dracocephalum plants, National Natural Science Foundation No. 30973622, 320000, PI.

    4. Total flavonoids from Dracocephalum moldavicaShandong Key Technologies R & D Program, No. 2006GG2202058PI,¥100000

    5. Flavonoidal alkaloids from Dracocephalum plants, Foundation for Excellent Young Scientists in Shandong ProvinceNo. 2008BS02015PI,¥60000

    7. Flavonoidal alkaloids from Dracocephalum plantsChina Postdoctoral Science FoundationNo. 20080441137PI, 30000  6. Phytochemicals targeting ARE-Nrf2-Keep1 pathwayIndependent Innovation Foundation of Shandong University, No. 2012TS203, 100000, PI,


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